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Enough is Enough

First, I want to thank those who have been following my blogs and encouraging me for your patience for me to get back to writing again. I must admit, there were plenty of times I wanted to sit at the keyboard and “let loose,” it just never seemed to click.

The last four years have been hard due to the house fire, but struggles continued after we moved home as well. At first just moving in was hard because it was about a month and a half after Peter and I both got out of the hospital with the flu and double pneumonia. I was on oxygen, diagnosed with stage 2 COPD and dealing with weight gain from being laid up from injuries from the fire. Not burns, nerve damage from when I went back into the house to save our German Shepherds. So, at this point, we were in a beautiful home I wasn’t able to enjoy.

I had hired different housekeepers which through this process, I realized how much of my mother ran through my blood. We managed to get just the right cleaning equipment and I set a schedule for cleaning the house. All was well if I didn’t overdo it. At least once a week I had to take a painkiller and twice a week a muscle relaxer.

About 9 months ago I got the wonderful news that I did not have COPD and it must have been some residual from the pneumonia leftover in my lungs. Praise the Lord!!! I was able to do things without needing my oxygen and getting a little more active. Then tornadoes started happening and all the pollen and anything else you could imagine was tossed about. It was at that point I couldn’t breathe good and needed oxygen again. My pulmonologist did a skin allergy test and had to start me with antihistamine nose sprays. After about 2 months everything started evening out again until this fall. I was always on oxygen and if I got off the couch to do anything (without oxygen) it would quickly drop to low 80s. Long story short, through medication and my physician discussing how bad it was with my insurance company I am now taking a shot every two weeks for moderate to severe asthma. The reason is my allergies trigger asthmatic attacks; thus, allergy-induced asthma. Again, Praise the Lord!!! My oxygen is doing fine since I started the shots. Also, I have been able to lose a lot of weight just with diet. God is good!

I gave you this history lesson to get to the story. I was talking with Bob Stacy (pastor) about how bummed I feel sometimes. I went through my medications, the face that I’m on oxygen and recently had to get hearing aids. I informed him that’s the first steps of getting old and I’m only sixty years old!!! Even though I tried joking through it the tears started trickling down my cheeks. It was at this point Bob did what Bob does best…. he prayed for me. During his prayer he prayed from his heart saying “Enough is enough…” At the end of his prayer I added a P.S. stating “…and when we feel that enough is enough, may we be reminded what Jesus went through for us.” Amen.

I am not saying that I sometimes don’t “feel” that enough is enough, but I know that God has a plan, and He has me in His hands, no matter what. It is true, we have all felt enough is enough. Sometimes it may be at work, with our spouse, with our children…we all are familiar with that feeling. Just be aware that feelings come and go, be sure to pray your way through all of them for His guidance.

Enough is enough can also be with pets. This year my “babies” (little dogs) shattered two of my tablets while spazzing out chasing each other. After I got the 2nd new one, I got back on Star Trek Command game and found a wonderful Christian group to be a part of. Through chatting I shared with a player that I had a block on my writing since the fire. He shared that as a vet, he has the same problem with drawing due to his PTSD. I told him we’d make a pact that he would draw before the end of the year and I would blog; that we would not continue to allow the enemy to keep a block between us and God’s gifts and blessings. He agreed and said before Christmas.

World, I guess I’m back!!! Enough is Enough!!! Will you also join us with letting go and going forward in this upcoming New Year? I pray that the Holy Spirit convicts whoever is being held back…ENOUGH…IS…ENOUGH!!

This is DeVaughn ~ bringing it home.

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