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Patience is one of life’s hardest lessons and we tend to be taught the same lesson over and over – just have patience. It’s getting a lot harder in today’s world with all of the conveniences we have such as fast food, internet, email, the list goes on and on. We always want something now. Even in our prayers we may ask God for something and subconsciously we follow-up with “..and I want it now.” The first house my husband and I looked at seemed to be ‘the one’ and it all fell through. About four months later we were looking at a MUCH nicer home and never thought it a possibility, but with God everything is possible. Two months ago we bought the beautiful home to now live happily ever after.

Last week I met a wonderful pastor who spoke at our revival. I was talking with him about one of the chapters I was writing and he mentioned getting me in touch with a publishing friend of his. Today I spoke with the publisher and wheels started getting ready to turn. Of course, I have more writing to do and money to come up with. I want to sit down and finish writing the book immediately and get everything done. Problem is, arthritis won’t let me do too much at a time so once again the lesson of patience. It will all come together when it is time ~ God’s time.

This is DeVaughn ~ bringing it home.

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