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Can I Get a Witness?

Of course, as a musician songs always come to mind when a subject does and the title not only describes what the topic of the day will be ~ but also shows how songs always come to my mind. I will start by quoting the last sentence in yesterday’s blog ~ “We need to make sure our words and actions are a witness and not a warning.” So ~ can I get a witness?

Most of the people who aren’t believers will always speak of the actions of “Christians” that really turn them away; especially those that hold the Bible in one hand while pointing their finger judging with the other. Actually, most ‘Christians’ are the worst example of what Christianity is all about! We are told in the Bible we should be loving, forgiving, nonjudgmental, caring, giving, and the list goes on. Not to mention how we are to be slow to anger. Does this remind you of anyone you know? Does it even remind you of yourself? Oh, not me…most of us think. But take a deep, closer look at yourself. Are your words and actions being a witness to others? Does anyone ask you why you are always positive and how can you be so forgiving? Speaking of being a witness, when is the last time you spoke to someone about Jesus and salvation? That is also our job too, not just the pastor’s. These are just some thoughts to think about going into the weekend that maybe just might cause a few to start their week out differently and make a difference in someone else’s life – possibly their eternal life. Just keep in mind ~ if you were the only Bible someone would ever see would they truly see Jesus?

This is DeVaughn ~ bringing it home.

It IS Your Job

Many times today everyone is always saying “It’s not my job” to get out of doing work. Our society has become so lazy as each generation passes by. Back in the old days no one ever said something wasn’t their job! They were told to do something and did it, end of story. The truth always lies in the Word of what our jobs are. Whether we choose to do it or not is what it boils down to. Let’s look at just a few things we are told to do.

One of the hardest things is to love your enemy. It is so hard for us to come close to this feeling to those who have done us wrong. Nevertheless, that’s what we are told to do. In fact it goes a little deeper when we’re told to feed and help our enemies. Just how much can be expected of us, right? Wrong. Jesus didn’t tell us to do anything He didn’t do himself, remember that. Forgiveness lies in close proximity of loving one’s enemy. We find it easier to forgive the ‘small’ things but what about when it’s something big, what then?! When someone hurts your spouse or child you’re supposed to forgive them? YES! According to the Word that’s exactly what we’re supposed to do. Again, remember the purest of examples when Jesus hung on the cross and said “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” And he was speaking of the ones who nailed him there, who were mocking him and those who betrayed him!

A different category of a job but something we’re supposed to do is care for our parents. Sounds easy enough, but look at how many have turned away from this responsibility! I can speak of this because as I write this I am staying with my mother and taking care of her and visit my husband once every 3 months for a week, two if I’m lucky. In January it will be two years that I have been doing this. When the time came that she could no longer live alone neither one of us questioned what to do. I packed my bag and put my life on hold. Not once did I say it is the easiest thing in the world to do, especially as we watch our parents slowly drifting away. I believe Nancy Reagan worded it perfectly ~ “The long good-bye.” All I did know is that not only because God told us to take care of our parents, but my heart also told me it was my job whether it is ‘convenient’ or not. I can say it’s hard but I will always say it is worth it to be able to spend the time with her while she’s still here.

The main point I am trying to make is that in the Word we are given jobs to do while we’re here. We forgive if we ‘feel’ like it – but, that’s not what we’re told. We’re told to do it, no questions asked. In the end we will be accountable for everything we do, and for those we don’t do. The next time you are finding it hard to forgive, love your enemies, or feel like taking care of someone in need (especially your parents) is an inconvenience ~ ask yourself if you really want to look at Jesus in the end and tell Him it wasn’t your job.

This is DeVaughn ~ bringing it home.

Danger Zones

Every day we have to watch out for what I call “danger zones.” It is common knowledge that our thoughts become actions and the words we speak can damage the soul of another. A computer is very much like our mind – garbage in, garbage out. Immediately when we think something that is along the lines of anger, jealousy, greed, etc. we need to catch ourselves and make a conscious effort to change that thought. The enemy is busy trying to cause damage in the homes in today’s world so remember it is in your mind that he places all kind of thoughts, just like he did Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Not just our thoughts though, we have to remember that our value and self worth is not defined the same as a Christian as it is out in the world. It is not our checkbook, our figure, the car we drive that truly defines us. What defines us is that we are God’s children. Don’t let the world tell you that you aren’t good enough, just remember ~ Jesus died on the cross because He thought you were special. That’s where your true worth lies.

Last thought of the day ~ when you think someone else’s business is your business erase that thought too!!! It isn’t our place to judge others and whether someone is saved or not. If someone doesn’t believe exactly like you or act the way you think they should, that’s Jesus’ business, not yours. Keep it to yourself and if it really bothers you – PRAY ABOUT IT!! Don’t Facebook it! Let Jesus take care of His business, He sure doesn’t need our help. Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be concerned with others and speak to them personally if we have prayed about it and think we should. What I am saying is that we shouldn’t be posting all of this on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else. That in itself is wrong. Jesus did tell us to pull the log out of our own eye first. All in all the point I am trying to make is we need to make sure our words and actions are being a witness and not a warning to others..

This is DeVaughn ~ bringing it home.


In writing my book I have found that it seems to get done a little here and there, which is pretty much the way most of our life is. Although, have you noticed how quickly things can get done when the pressure is on? For instance. when the in-laws all of a sudden tell you they’re coming for a visit. It is amazing how quickly the house can get cleaned! Well, possibly if we made a commitment to do a little at a time when we can it wouldn’t get that bad. Not too different than our Spiritual Life and our walk with Jesus. We all need to make that commitment to speak with Him daily and take the time to listen to Him as well. So ~ in summary for today ~ let’s all clean house (both the house we live in and our Spiritual life) and commit to keep it that way.

This is DeVaughn – bringing it home.

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